Chat Line Between Cameron Neylon And Cyberdoyle

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12:00 cameronneylon : anybody out there? How is the sound?
13:47 cyberdoyle : sounds great up here in lancashire, streaming live great stuff
13:58 cameronneylon : and we're back online!
13:58 cyberdoyle : sound gone a bit wonky
13:59 cameronneylon : is that better - pumped up the volume somewhat. I think what you were watching before was pre-recorded
14:00 cyberdoyle : o i c
14:00 cyberdoyle : well it was good quality
14:00 cyberdoyle : not much happening now then eh?
14:00 cameronneylon : its the same camera so I shoul dbe able to get it up to similar quality
14:00 cameronneylon : we're trying to define desired outcomes for this meeting
14:00 cyberdoyle : can hear you typing
14:01 cameronneylon : ah - its usingt he wrong microphone then. let me see what I can do
14:02 cameronneylon : is that better?
14:02 cyberdoyle : that's better
14:02 cyberdoyle : lol
14:02 cameronneylon : cool
14:02 cyberdoyle : outcome of report? FttH?
14:03 cyberdoyle : We need a decent connection to everyone in order to engage the people
14:05 cyberdoyle : write to reply is great, it made the interim report understandable in chunks
14:07 cyberdoyle : infrastructure yah!
14:07 cyberdoyle : go for the infrastructure
14:07 cameronneylon : probably best to shift to twitter for chat - not everyone here is seeing this chat stream
14:08 cyberdoyle : doesn't matter as long as you are seeing it
14:09 cyberdoyle : What's it all about?A site for commenting on public reports in considerable detail. Texts are broken down into their respective sections for easier consumption
14:09 cyberdoyle :
14:09 cyberdoyle : haha
14:09 cyberdoyle : say hi from me
14:10 cyberdoyle : they can't be developed where some businesses can't get a connection
14:10 cyberdoyle : ISPs have always been able to access our data
14:12 cyberdoyle : tweet the conf and I will retweet it?
14:12 cyberdoyle : i am following
14:13 cyberdoyle : industry and the people will sort out the content
14:13 cyberdoyle : all we have to do is ensure the next gen network is built for the people, get the infrastructure right
14:14 cyberdoyle : the infrastructure!
14:14 cyberdoyle : the end game, fibre to the home
14:15 cameronneylon : you've got much more content focused people here than infrastructure I'm afraid.
14:15 cyberdoyle : they won't get the content if they don't do something about the infrastructure
14:15 cyberdoyle : other countries will, and we will be left behind
14:15 cyberdoyle : we lead in content, but are getting overtaken
14:16 cyberdoyle : as we continue to hold fast to an obsolete copper infrastructure and they all lay fibre
14:16 cyberdoyle : we should be doing that
14:16 cyberdoyle : Govt are interested in running the internet, they can't. ever…
14:17 cyberdoyle : we are trying to make some community films, but our limited bandwidth means we can't do much with them
14:18 cyberdoyle : Let the BBC et al sort out the economics of their own industry
14:18 cyberdoyle : people can create content
14:19 cyberdoyle : they just can't do owt with it
14:19 cameronneylon : but what is the bbc's industry if the content is user generated?
14:19 cyberdoyle : who cares? if it is obsolete it will die, just like the cotton mills
14:19 cyberdoyle : it is big enough to look after itself
14:19 cyberdoyle : our job is to look after the people
14:19 cyberdoyle : why worry about the bbc?
14:20 cameronneylon : just as an example of big broadcaster influence I think - I think the issue is revolving around effective business models
14:23 cyberdoyle : 24
14:23 cyberdoyle : cool
14:23 cyberdoyle : love ringtones
14:24 cyberdoyle : small quality content should be free, with the option to buy high quality content
14:24 cyberdoyle : ie, 480 pixel coronation st free to the world, HD available on license
14:24 cyberdoyle : free songs to download, quality songs to buy
14:26 cyberdoyle : yes you can
14:26 cyberdoyle : they have country roads now, its called 1st gen broadband
14:26 cyberdoyle : now we need motorways
14:26 cyberdoyle : tell him
14:26 cyberdoyle : the ducts are there
14:27 cyberdoyle : they just need fibre putting in
14:27 cyberdoyle : or lighting when it isn't there
14:27 cyberdoyle : its time now, tell him
14:27 cyberdoyle : manchester is getting there already
14:27 cyberdoyle : towns and cities will get it easy, they are economic
14:27 cyberdoyle : rural areas ain't
14:28 cyberdoyle : if they want people to stay here they are gonna have to provide it
14:28 cyberdoyle : whoohoo go for it
14:28 cyberdoyle : fibre is cheap
14:28 cyberdoyle : cheaper than copper
14:28 cyberdoyle : i held 4 miles of fibre in my hand
14:29 cyberdoyle : it is like a bobbin of thread
14:29 cyberdoyle : it is so cheap
14:29 cyberdoyle : she is right so far
14:29 cameronneylon : so is a statement like "we need a scalable and cost-effective infrastructure" a good one? I think we'd agree on that
14:29 cyberdoyle : getting govt involved is very hard
14:30 cyberdoyle : you have a chance to make your voice heard today
14:30 cyberdoyle : you are the first unconference
14:32 cyberdoyle : wireless is not the answer
14:33 cyberdoyle : USO needs to be 100meg
14:33 cyberdoyle : so it has to be fibre
14:33 cyberdoyle : fibre is the most cost effective
14:34 cyberdoyle : well said that man
14:35 cyberdoyle : i can answer her
14:36 cyberdoyle : because it won't run 6 computers
14:36 cyberdoyle : in the average family home
14:36 cyberdoyle : or business
14:36 cyberdoyle : and it won't let you download/upload large amounts of data
14:36 cyberdoyle : 3g is a quick fix, and suitable to keep people in touch mobile
14:36 cyberdoyle : not suitable for doing this, like we are doing now
14:37 cameronneylon : will put that in…question being is it more important to enable connection in the short term or proper access in the long term
14:37 cyberdoyle : yep
14:37 cyberdoyle : we have half a dozen people using our connection
14:37 cyberdoyle : it wouldnt work on mobile
14:37 cyberdoyle : they may get it in bangladesh, but in lancashire it takes 47 hours to download open office
14:38 cyberdoyle : we have lots of masts round here
14:38 cyberdoyle : but not a lot of good
14:38 cyberdoyle : there is no danger from masts, the airwaves - radio and tv are in every home
14:39 cyberdoyle : one pensioner in our village got on a bus with his dongle on laptop
14:39 cyberdoyle : stayed on bus to nearest town
14:39 cyberdoyle : found good signal, got off bus, downloaded open office and got back on the bus and came home
14:40 cyberdoyle : mobile has its place
14:40 cyberdoyle : fibre is the endgame
14:41 cyberdoyle : we are on wireless here
14:41 cyberdoyle : we get 2 meg symmetrical on research network
14:41 cyberdoyle :
14:41 cyberdoyle : that's how you find out your connection strength
14:43 cyberdoyle : government will save a fortune if it puts its info online, look at DVLC site
14:43 cyberdoyle : but the internet isn't there just for govt info
14:44 cyberdoyle : the current proposed USO will mean people can access govt data, but innovation will not happen in this country if they are throttled to 2 meg
14:45 cyberdoyle : again, small amounts should be free as a taster
14:45 cyberdoyle : then you charge for the real thing
14:45 cyberdoyle : like they do with books and reports
14:46 cyberdoyle : you can give them a synopsis of your novel, then they order the hard copy
14:46 cyberdoyle : like we do on lulu
14:46 cyberdoyle : print on demand, delivered to your door
14:47 cyberdoyle :
14:48 cyberdoyle : this is good point she is making, most govt peeps aren't ICT literate
14:48 cyberdoyle : they have secretaries who have the hassle of dealing with infernal computers
14:55 cyberdoyle : all the internet is free to use, it always will be, the question is how many in this country will not be able to access web2 applications?
14:55 cyberdoyle : i think content and privacy, piracy and stuff is leading people down the wrong path
14:56 cyberdoyle : build the houses and people will come
14:56 cyberdoyle : yep, keep it simple, fibre is simple, fibre works
14:56 cyberdoyle : the obsolete copper network is already creaking
14:57 cyberdoyle : other countries without a decent phone network are going straight into fibre
14:57 cyberdoyle : we are holding on to obsolete technology
14:57 cyberdoyle : and govt need to be made aware how its limitations will cripple the economy
14:58 cyberdoyle : and just as we start to come out of the recession we will fall back into it
14:58 cyberdoyle : the market will make sure there is control
14:59 cyberdoyle : i won't put my movie on youtube unless i want peeps to take it for free
14:59 cyberdoyle : if it is private i tag it as such
14:59 cyberdoyle : the digital revolution will not be stopped
15:02 cyberdoyle : whoohoo
15:03 cyberdoyle : good question
15:03 cyberdoyle : why is it necessary for govt to protect a business model
15:04 cyberdoyle : yah, what do the people want?
15:04 cyberdoyle : who is that guy?
15:04 cyberdoyle : he's great
15:04 cyberdoyle : people in this country should have the same choices as those in others
15:05 cyberdoyle : yep, hollywood has shot itself in the foot with dvds
15:05 cameronneylon : guy in the far corner is Nava Whiteford
15:05 cyberdoyle : twitter?
15:07 cameronneylon : don't think so
15:09 cyberdoyle : found him on lindekin
15:09 cyberdoyle : not on twitter tho
15:12 cyberdoyle : hollywood will re-invent itself
15:12 cyberdoyle : so will bbc
15:12 cyberdoyle : or they die
15:12 cyberdoyle : it is their problem
15:13 cyberdoyle : this issue is a red herring in the digital britain report
15:13 cyberdoyle : to cover up the fact that the infrastructure is inadequate for 21CN
15:14 cyberdoyle : rather than driving into town to watch a movie, people will be able to pay and download a high quality one
15:14 cyberdoyle : reducing their carbon footprint
15:15 cyberdoyle : or they can get a rubbishy pirate copy
15:16 cyberdoyle : great, build on strengths
15:17 cyberdoyle : but the violinist can't spread it round cos he has no connection
15:18 cyberdoyle : and government doesn't understand the kids, she is right
15:18 cyberdoyle : whoohoo
15:18 cyberdoyle : the report is exact example of what you shouldn't do
15:18 cyberdoyle : right on lady
15:19 cyberdoyle : get her to carter
15:19 cyberdoyle : but the internet has the wisdom of the world
15:19 cyberdoyle : you only have to google it
15:19 cyberdoyle : JFGI
15:20 cyberdoyle : hahahahahah
15:20 cyberdoyle : ROFL
15:20 cyberdoyle : she's great
15:20 cyberdoyle : put camera on her for a mo
15:21 cyberdoyle : yay, our kids teach our oldies how to use ipods
15:21 cyberdoyle : and itunes
15:21 cyberdoyle : at our computer club in the village
15:21 cyberdoyle : she is right
15:21 cyberdoyle : it is happening here
15:21 cyberdoyle : tell her
15:21 cyberdoyle : pls
15:22 cyberdoyle : it is true, it works
15:22 cyberdoyle : write to reply makes the report a bit more interesting
15:22 cyberdoyle : and understandable
15:23 cyberdoyle : mps don't know what we are talking about
15:24 cyberdoyle : we tell them this
15:24 cyberdoyle : but they don't listen
15:24 cyberdoyle : i have photos online
15:24 cyberdoyle : deffo kids are doing it
15:24 cyberdoyle :
15:25 cyberdoyle : govt need to provide the infrastructure in order for it to happen
15:25 cyberdoyle : the kids will make it happen
15:25 cyberdoyle : if we let them
15:25 cyberdoyle : govt job is simply to provide the tools
15:25 cyberdoyle : we need good tools
15:26 cyberdoyle : politicians don't know, because bt says we have 'broadband'
15:26 cyberdoyle : the real truth is that only half the country have anything worth using
15:26 cyberdoyle : yep, package is wrong
15:27 cyberdoyle : focussed on the wrong thing, it should focus on infrastrucure
15:27 cyberdoyle : bt is determined to milk revenue from current obsolete infrastructure
15:28 cyberdoyle : so these unconferences have to make them realise this, BT can deploy fibre if they are pushed
15:31 cyberdoyle : I totally agree with what he is saying
15:31 cyberdoyle : whooohoo
15:32 cyberdoyle : I have 30 SMEs here who have no connection at all
15:33 cyberdoyle : I told our NWDA about them, they said try Lancashire economic partneship, tried them, they said no funding, try business link, tried them, they said try NWDA
15:34 cyberdoyle : contention ratios are disgraceful
15:34 cyberdoyle : more like 70/1 with most isps
15:36 cyberdoyle : fibre is symmetrical
15:36 cyberdoyle : and a fat pipe means nobody suffers with contention
15:37 cyberdoyle : but the wireless is only temporary, is quite expensive, and fibre is so cheap
15:37 cyberdoyle : we do wireless here, cos there is no adsl
15:38 cyberdoyle : you won't get people doing stuff if they haven't got good connection
15:38 cyberdoyle : it is too frustrating, and has stopped a lot of people becoming digitally engaged
15:39 cyberdoyle : the social framework will come if the infrastructure is there
15:41 cyberdoyle : prince should have been pleased with the publicity!
15:42 cyberdoyle : yep, solicitors should maybe be banned
15:44 cyberdoyle : I think it is a case of common sense getting into the act regarding the kid singing the song, it is not a govt problem
15:49 cyberdoyle : spot on
15:49 cyberdoyle : put pressure on BT and OFCOM
15:50 cyberdoyle : the govt have been told there is a level playing field
15:50 cyberdoyle : cos they don't understand how broadband works
15:51 cyberdoyle : they believe BT propaganda
15:51 cyberdoyle : upload speed is very important
15:51 cyberdoyle : you can't send films to youtube if your connection is poor
15:52 cyberdoyle : man delivered baby this morning through watching utube
15:52 cyberdoyle : he googled it and followed instructions
15:53 cyberdoyle : £500 a night for hospital bed when monitoring can often be done at home through broadband
15:53 cyberdoyle : but no point in implementing these health ideas when lots of people can't get good enough connection
15:54 cyberdoyle : the infrastructure has to come first
15:55 cyberdoyle : the aging population haven't the skills to use the dodgy connections they can currently get. with a high speed fibre connection that doesn't drop constantly
15:55 cyberdoyle : they would soon learn to use it
15:57 cyberdoyle : cyberlearning reduces the carbon footprint
15:57 cyberdoyle : saves time and money
15:57 cyberdoyle : to pay for fibre connections
15:58 cyberdoyle : i am a micro enterprise, a farmer's wife, broadband is our lifeline
15:59 cyberdoyle : Govt could employ those on the dole to build a next gen network instead of paying them to do nothing
15:59 cyberdoyle : lots of tradesmen out of work
16:01 cyberdoyle :
16:01 cyberdoyle : that's a film about a rural network that helped sme's get wireless broadband

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