Nottingham Twitter Stream

Nottingham – Digital Britain Unconference Twitter Stream

May 9th 2009

dbuc09: MediaCamp Nottingham tomorrow! Sign up or turn up on day. #DigitalBritain unconference 2-5pm (expand )

jedhallam: Just sat waiting for @susioneill to start talking about Digital Britain at #mcn1 with @documentally @philcampbell and @emsefforts

Documentally: listening to @susioneill talking about Digital Britain at #mcn1

mattwardman: #mcn1 In session to discuss the "Digital Britain" report

jedhallam: Talking what #digitalbritain should have done for social good with #mcn1 guys

emsefforts: #mcn1 Laptop about to die….Digital Britain Unconference going well so far! Very interesting!

jedhallam: Oh my, @documentally just used the phrase 'let's trend'… Having a great chat pulling apart #digitalbritain at #mcn1 @mc_notts

alexfoster: Arrived at #mcn1 and wending way to digital britain. Ooh. DAB discussion.

theospark: RT @mattwardman #mcn1 In session to discuss the Digital Britain report

Documentally: @robertbrook Could you summarize your thoughts on digital Britain in a tweet? #mcn1

jedhallam: @robertbrook and @documentally Summarise #digitalbritain simple, one word: metoo. #mcn1

emsefforts: #mcn1 New Zealand's 3 strikes and your offline forever is awful! P2P sharing does not mean u have no right to access information!

mattwardman: #mcn1 @documentally needs more bandwidth. Speaks at double teh speed allowed.

Gilloggs: #mcn1 @documentally is making me laugh .. esp his suggestion of a 'geeklter' a leader who turns everyone into geeks ..

emsefforts: #mcn1 Great first session of digital Britain. @documentally is hilarious. I am now building up a better understanding of this report.

susioneill: Wrapped up #DigitalBritain, calmer chat on Nottingham's solutions inc. promoting digital sector, universal wifi #dbuc09 #mcn1

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